Special Devotions for Yarán in Iran on February 7, 2010

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Please click below for information about and photos from the special devotions held at the Bahá'í Unity Center in Savannah, GA, on behalf of the Yarán of Iran.

Special devotions were held today at the Bahá'í Unity Center in Savannah, GA asking divine intervention for safety and justice for 7 members of the Bahá'í Faith, collectively known as the Yarán, held in prison in Iran. They have been incarcerated for 2 years and the government of Iran states they will have sentences passed soon. They are charged with a series of crimes all of which relate to the fact that they are members of the Bahá'í Faith. The special devotions were open to the public and announced in the Savannah Morning News. The Bahá'í Children's Classes, pictured here, made roses with one of the names of the 7 attached for the participants to take home to recall these dear ones in their hearts. The devotions included a rap song by one of the junior youth of the community and a video of the extensive coverage of the plight of the Baha'is in Iran being given by TV in India. It is also noted that the US Congress has issued many proclamations condemning the treatment of Bahá'ís in the land of the land of the Faith's birth and protests have been lodged by the state departments of both the Bush and Obama governments.



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