Savannah Youth at Georgia Bahá'í School - May 26-27, 2012

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Hello friends: Wow, what a trip... We arrived safely at the Georgia Baha'i School on Saturday. Thanks for the prayers. Our young people shone with a brilliant light on this occasion. They inspired many Baha'i from other places and the were 160 people who attended this year. A dramatic increase from last years. Our young people say they had a great time and really, really did not want to leave. They say they they will remember the chanting, the different methods of learn, the songs the prayers and meeting so many new people. Please ask them about their trip when you next see them. Some of our future granted me the privilege of taken their picture when we arrived at the school. They are Kizi (I almost missed him), AJ, Ken, Asiz, Trayon, Mystical, Destiny (you have got to love her spirit), Cheyenne, Zuri and Momma Nell. OK, maybe I'm not the best photographer in the community.... I only wish we could have taken the crowd of young people that surrounded the van when we left from Savannah. We could have more than doubled our numbers easily. Well maybe next year. Thanks again for the prayers. Michael O'Neal

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