Book 2 Service Project at Unity Center

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Collaborators of Book 2 complete the Ruhi Course with a service project at the Bahá'í Center. The new flowers around the pomegranate tree look beautiful! Please click below for a description and photos.
At the conclusion of a recent Ruhi Book 2 in the Savannah/Chatham County Baha'i Community the members decided to attend to some beautification of the Baha'i Center grounds as their service component. One concern was the lack of color around the lonely pomegranate tree in the back yard of center, shown in the pictures after its enhancement with colorful flowers. The group also weeded the flower bed in front of the center and cleared,all the debris from the drainage system in the back. The members were heard to say that it was so much fun they would make it a regular service to weed and help with beautification of the grounds of the center.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Planting Unity Center_08_15_13_1.jpgPlanting Unity Center_08_15_13_2.jpg Planting Unity Center_08_15_13_3.jpg

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