MLK JR Observances Interfaith program, Jan. 12, 2014

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Please click below for a description and photos of the event.

Please see e-mail message and photos below from Michael O'Neal:

Hello everyone:

What a wonderful time to be alive... We had a great time watching some awesome young people read and sing and play instruments on Jan. 12, 2014 at the MLK JR Observances Interfaith program. In the pictures you will see Ahmad O'Neal who read beautifully and Ms Brittany Mixon who sang a song that brought the house to its feet! And then there are some other O'Neal's who will remain nameless:-X... 

Dr Carol Brown, at the end of the program, has us stand and announced to the crowd that now three generations of O'Neal's have participated in this program. We hung around and took pictures until they turned the lights out then we stood outside and said good bye to each other for several more minutes... 

This community service stuff isn't all bad.

Love and laughter,

Michael O'Neal

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