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Please click below for a description and photos from Michael O'Neal.

Hello Friends,

Wow, what can I say... We had well over 400 people at our Winter session. Thank you to all the people, many of you who are my dearest friends, that keep this improbable dream thriving. The article is linked here.

This was one of the most rewarding Parent University sessions I have had and no article can completely explain the energy we produce. I only hope we will continue to find ways to share this experience with others.

But even more importantly for our community building efforts is the fact the our youth and junior youth carried on a Book1 Study circle and two study circles using Breezes of Confirmation. Then many of those same youth met again today for hours to review the JY activities that are happening now and going to happen in the next two weeks. And a book 1 intensive is being planned in the next few weeks... The learning continues.

In attendance today were our Cluster Institute Coordinator and our Area Teaching Committee and interested parents... 

Please keep us in your prayers

Stay tuned...


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