Chatham County Bahá'í Campout on October 11-12, 2014

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On Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12, 2014, the Bahá'ís of Chatham County and surrounding areas enjoyed a community campout. Please click below for photos and more information about the event.
This was the first annual Bahá'í Community Building Campout. Chatham County Bahá'ís invited everyone to 'rough' it for 2 nights at Skidaway Island State Park:

This community building activity was where we shared our friendship, unity, and faith around the campfire. It was a great opportunity to teach and learn Bahá'í attitudes about our environment and Bahá'u'lláh's love of nature: 

The camping was primitive, and those participating had to be prepared to sleep, cook, and generally live outside for two nights. Special thanks to Brian Millhoff for organizing and leading this event, which was sponsored by the LSA of Chatham County.

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