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Meeting at the Savannah (Bull St) Library, local residents and SCAD students viewed the film Light a Candle ( and discussed education not being a crime. What can we in Savannah do to stop or correct this important human rights issue? The event was hosted by the Savannah Parent University ( and the Bahá'ís. Please click below for a photo of the event.

Please click below for photos from the event. 

Mike O'Neal writes: 

Our young people had an afternoon of socializing, soccer in the rain and intensive study and consultation at the Baha'i Unity Center. We have a lot of things coming up and they are getting ready for them. God Bless them.

Work continues on Phase 2 at the Bahá'í Center! Replacing the wood around the windows. Please click below for a photo.

Naw-Ruz Picnic 2015 - Great friends, beautiful day, and the joy of children. Please click below for photos from the event.

Hosted by A. King, Chatham Co. Bahá'ís had a Fund Raiser for Pi (Pie) Day 3.1415926 (no they did not do the math) with proceeds going to Savannah Ctr.
Way too many pies, but much fun! Please click below for photos taken at the event.
Please click below for a description and photos of the event.
Bryan County & Chatham County celebrate the last day of Ayyam-i-Ha with brunch followed by the Feast of Loftiness at Darcy Covington's home. Please click below for photos of the event.

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