Pi (Pie) Day Fundraiser on March 14, 2015

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Hosted by A. King, Chatham Co. Bahá'ís had a Fund Raiser for Pi (Pie) Day 3.1415926 (no they did not do the math) with proceeds going to Savannah Ctr.
Way too many pies, but much fun! Please click below for photos taken at the event.
2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_01.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_02.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_03.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_04.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_05.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_06.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_08.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_09.jpg2015_03_14 Pie Day Fundraiser_10.jpg

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