Devotional Gathering / August 14, 2016

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The Sunday Devotional Gathering at the Savannah Baha'i Unity Center on 8/14/16 was truly special. Please click below for more information about and photos of the event.

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Marylyn Harrison from Sun City had prepared Writings from all the major religions on the theme racial unity and equality to share and Don from Hilton Head added so much to the atmosphere with his guitar and singing often with all in attendance joining in.

The principles of the Baha'i Faith were readily apparent as there were African American, Caucasian, Persian, and Latino peoples represented at the service. The spirit of love and fellowship was nearly palpable in the room! We ended with community singing and celebration.

The Sunday devotions at the Baha'i Unity Center have returned to each week beginning at 11:15 so all have the opportunity to experience this love and fellowship. Join us and bring a friend!!

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