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Persian Cardamom-Saffron-Pistachio, Indonesian Cinnamon, Japanese Green Tea, Italian Sweet Cream, and American Peanut butter. International ice cream for our international potluck! We met at the Baha'i Center on February 24, 2017 to celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha (and chose our favorite flavors).

2017.02.24 Ayyam-i-Ha.jpg

We gathered at the Baha'i Unity Center on Sunday, February 19 at 11:15 AM for prayers, devotions, and fellowship. The topic was: "The Pupil of the Eye", a look at some of the writings from the Bahá'í Faith on race relations. There was also a short biography of 2 early black Bahá'ís and their legacies.

2017.02.19 Devotionals 1.jpg
A great turnout at JYG today!

2017.02.12 JYG.jpg

Celebrating 62 years of marriage with Cecile and Duilio Bigatin this Sunday at devotions!

2017.02.05 Devotionals.jpg

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